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Smart Ways To Use Your Company Blog To Get Funding

Smart Ways To Use Your Company Blog To Get Funding

One of the biggest and most successful methods to attractive VC or PE or Angel Investors, (believe it or not) is your company blog. By incorporating several of the ideas outlined below into the writing of your company blog, you can present the strengths of your business in a way that can outline leadership, innovation, and what you might expect from the future. In doing so, you can communicate in a very effective way with potential investors no matter whom they are or where they may be located. This is big. And because so many businesses do not fully employ blog writing, it’s to your advantage to stand out among the weaker old school competition.

Build a great pitch

Venture capitalists are busy people. If you want to sell them on your idea, you won’t have long to convince them: That’s why a blog identifying attributes of management and product innovation can be so important to you. Find a good blog writer and allow your business to have a voice through the blog. Most VC pitches take less than an hour, and some meetings last just five minutes. In the short time allotted, you’ll need to show why your team is worthy, what your product or service is, the market you’re servicing and how your product varies from others in your field, and how much money you need and how you’ll use it.

Create a very smart introduction

Work your connections! If you know a high-level lawyer or a startup CEO, press them for introductions to the venture capital firms they’ve worked with so you can request a short meeting. A warm referral will go a lot farther than a cold call.

If a VC wants to invest, read the term sheet carefully

If a VC firm is interested in your company, you should be prepared to spend months of meetings to hash out the details of your plan. Once that is accomplished the next step is to present you with a term sheet outlining the business agreement. Even though you’re eager for the money, don’t be too quick to sign. And be careful at this point so you don’t get in further than you desire.

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