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Must Know Publicity Tips For Your Start-up

Publicity seems to be either an elusive monster or highly coveted trophy for early stage entrepreneurs. Regardless of your personal view on the matter, learning to leverage publicity to your company’s best advantage could prove to be the ultimate time investment. You’ve probably heard about the importance of social media, press releases and other online promotional activities. Early stage start-ups do not often have money for high-level, traditional publicity campaigns. This is where the beauty of an online universe can work to your brand’s greatest advantage.

Hire a Professional
It seems fitting to quote Bill Gates in a post about start-up ingenuity. It was he who said, “If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on publicity.” Word of mouth marketing is still your brand’s strongest advocate. This is at the heart of what a publicist does. Everything your brand says and does is PR. The OCMX platform is a totally transparent marketplace with a unique approach to raising Growth Capital. For companies who use our platform, a well-executed publicity campaign is all part of our strategic approach.

Find a Reporter
The online world of publicity is fast moving. This created a need for ‘reporter to story’ platforms. Reporters frequent website platforms such as ‘Haro’ to connect directly with new story ideas and story candidates. Both free and paid versions of the service exist, simply sign up for instant alerts. Keep an eye out for relevant story requests that would be of benefit to your business. Respond quickly and you could end up securing brand-changing exposure.

Blog Tours
You have probably heard about blogging to increase your online exposure. However, have you thought about writing multiple Guest Posts for highly credible blogs in your industry? Many blogs seek guest post writers who can provide insightful content for their audience. By posting on these blogs you create back-links and wide exposure for your brand. The greater number of credible blogs you post on, the more exposure and ‘buzz’ you create for your company. By strategically planning these posts you can create your own Blog Tour. This is essentially a series of Guest Post articles that takes your brand ‘on tour’ online via leveraging credible blogs in your industry.


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