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Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise and execute on the purchase, sale, and merger of private and public companies. Our approach focuses on optimizing both the terms and the capital structure of every corporate transaction we handle. Through our institutional team of specialists we are known for our strategic advice, unique approach, and decisive action.

Strategic Advice

Projections and analysis examine anticipated outcomes, market conditions, and the success of related transactions. A company’s balance sheet, legal structure, equity and operational strength are all factored in when recommending the optimal transaction structure.

Unique Approach

Potential transaction participants are proactively approached and vetted based on suitability, strong fit, due diligence and potential for operational efficiency. We act as the liaison for all requests by participants from initial through to final negotiations of any transaction.

Decisive Action

We take the lead role in finalizing every transaction on behalf of our corporate clients and investors. Prior to any transaction, all forms of structuring the purchase, sale or expansion are analyzed. We provide integration recommendations for related participants on every deal.