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“Optimize Capital Markets is pleased to announce the closing of a $1.5 Million financing transaction on behalf of CRS Electronics Inc. CRS Electronics is a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting products.”

– Stockhouse

“BNN Business Day Catherine Murray hosted the CEO of Optimize Capital Markets to get his perspective on the latest changes to corporate finance rules and regulations.  The latest changes are expected to enable a much more efficient connection between companies seeking capital and corporate finance firms such as Optimize Capital Markets…”
-Catherine Murray, BNN

“Optimize Capital Markets focuses on growth oriented companies with transaction sizes which range from $2 million to well over $40 million”

-Brenda Bouw, The Globe and Mail

“Optimize Capital Markets is constantly on the look out for companies which are growth oriented and have solid long term prospects. There’s no business quite like it…”
-Bryan Borzykowski, Profit Guide

“Woody Harrelson and his company chose to secure financing through Optimize Capital Markets, a corporate finance firm based in Toronto, which provides growth capital to leading companies…”

-Ivy Schmerken, Wallstreet and Technology

“Optimize Capital Markets is quickly becoming a leader in the industry for helping growth companies secure their necessary financing in the $2 to $20 Million range.  They are known for their efficiency and effectiveness…”
-Colin Campbell, Macleans

“Commodities featured some Hollywood star power on Wednesday when it looked at a company co-owned by Woody Harrelson with their financing needs provided by Optimize Capital Markets…”
-Andrew Bell, BNN

“To secure their growth capital, the company is using Optimize Capital Markets, a corporate finance firm out of Toronto which focuses on providing growth financing to leading enterprises…”
-Nick Leiber, Bloomberg Businessweek

“Optimize Capital Markets CEO believes the opportunity for miners is to secure their financing through firms such as Optimize as its capital is long term and hence will not move the market when exiting their positions. The average financing with Optimize Capital Markets is about $2 to $20 Million and about one third of the companies receiving finance are in the energy and natural resources sectors.”
-Anna Reitman, Canadian Institute of Mining

“Optimize Capital Markets specializes in growth capital which typically invests in proven technology companies, consumer companies, infrastructure projects and large real estate developments. With so many available structures, the CEO said many growing companies are spending too much time on finding funding, instead of growing their business.”

-Donald Power, TechVibes

“One of the things you learn very early on is that the critical success factor is due diligence, and when you start to roll up your sleeves and look at any transaction, you realize that, transactions in the $2 million to $20 million range represent terrific value for finance firms such as ours, Optimize Capital Markets CEO says.”
-Shane Schick, Yahoo! Finance

“Optimize Capital Markets finances companies in the $2 to $20 million (the average financing is around $5 million). Typically financings take about one to three months to complete…

-Penny Crosman, American Banker

“Woody Harrelson’s company is using Toronto-based Optimize Capital Markets to secure their financing.  Optimize has expressed a firm commitment to the company and its long term prospects…”
-Sara Castellanos, Boston Business Journal

“Optimize Capital Markets is looking to provide the estimated $11 Billion per year that is currently invested in businesses by informal or angel investors, amidst the more than $90 Billion in total outstanding small business financings.”

– Reuters

“To secure their financing, the company is using Optimize Capital Markets, a corporate finance firm which provides growth companies seeking financing with solid long term solutions, typically in the $2 to $10 Million range…”
-Nick Leiber, SFGate

“WAFU Inc., the maker of WAFU® Japanese-style dressings and mayonnaises, will be using Optimize Capital Markets for its growth capital needs as it builds out its sales across North America…”