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Shareholder Liquidity

Optimize Capital Markets offers a timely and efficient marketplace for those seeking liquidity on large blocks of private and public securities. Our market specialists provide broad sector coverage for institutional and accredited investors seeking liquidity. Liquidity services are provided on public securities, private equity, preferred shares, rated debt, convertible debentures, and high-yield corporate debt.

Optimal Valuation

Based on detailed analysis and recent transactions, we will recommend a price point to achieve optimal profit and a timely closure. Our experienced sales and trading desk will work with security holders to determine suitability and best timing to optimize every transaction.

Broad Exposure

Our institutional marketplace spans across institutions, financial advisors, and accredited investors. These groups are further segmented based on sector, industry, and transaction size preferences to provide your transaction with maximum exposure.

Timely Closure

We manage every transaction from the initial stages right through to settlement and receipt of funds. All negotiations, terms, and logistics (including escrow) are handled by our market specialists. We close every transaction efficiently and effortlessly for our clients.